6 Tips for the Inspiring Web Designers

6 Tips for the Inspiring Web Designers

  • Posted by Samantha Hunter
  • On July 4, 2018
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We usually offer some tips that can help Web Designers find inspiration. If you have other tricks up your sleeve, do not hesitate to share them in the comment section.

1) Consult site galleries

These galleries keep multiplying on the web. They are very useful because they often offer a selection of exquisite designs in the air of the time. It is useless to consult them all because we end up finding the same links and we risk being sidetracked. It is better to choose a few that suit you.

Some allow filtering the results by categories (graphics charter, style, type of site, design elements) :

  • Inspire Site
  • Design Shack

Other galleries do not allow filtering results by category but are still interesting:

  • Best Web Gallery
  • CSS Evo

2) View item collections

It is a slightly different concept from site galleries. Patterntap is composed of 45 collections of web elements. Let’s say you want to find navigation style ideas, and you have to consult the collection of navigation screenshots. Among the 50 collections, we find header, footer, buttons, icons, titles, typography, lists, 404 error pages…

I only know Patterntap like that. If you find others, feel free to share them in the comments.

3) Take a look at the competition

See what your customer’s competitors’ sites and other sites in the same domain look like. If it’s a restaurant, look at restaurant sites around the world. It will give you ideas of what you would like to do or what you want to avoid at all costs.

4) Self-inspiration

If you’ve been working as a web designer for a few years, you’ve probably made some excellent designs that you’ve momentarily forgotten existed. Consulting them can help you regain confidence and find new ideas. The best is to have your portfolio site that you keep up to date.

5) Use a bookmarking site

I have used Delicious for several years, but there are others (Digg, StumbleUpon…). The key is to choose one and use it actively.

When you surf the web and see a site whose design you like, add it to your favorites and choose the keywords you associate with it. If it is a very dark site do not hesitate to add the word “dark” or “sombre.” If you particularly like the logo and typography, add the words “logo” and “typography.” Maybe it’s an e-commerce site? Add the word “e-commerce”. You will be happy to find these sites later when you lack inspiration.

You can also search for other users’ favorites. This is often more useful than using a traditional search engine.

6) Move away from the computer

This is probably the advice I apply the least; many will tell you, taking a break and looking at the landscape or a design book (not necessarily web) can help to find inspiration.

We hope these few tips helped you. Tell us more about your experience, what inspires you?